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      I would like to purchase a new laptop for myself. I’ve never owned a MAC but I have heard amazing things about them, except that they don’t run off of Windows. Is that really that big of an issue? I’ll mostly be doing writing and work, no videos or any of that.

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      Ol Gramps

      Jamie it really is a big deal. And you will get a different answer from everyone whom you ask. I have always been a Windows guy. But I switched to an iPhone a few phones ago and have decided to make my next laptop a MacBook. It is high priced so still saving up. My reason has to do with media: photos, videos, and music; which I understand are exceptional in Apple. But I can’t give you first hand experience yet. So I wouldn’t advise you to spend the extra on it. And for your writing should be able to do fine on a PC. I also want to use Apple because it syncs smoothly to every Apple device. But you can get similar results with Google docs (free) or Microsoft OneDrive (paid subscription).

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      A Fuller

      Windows 10 is not secure or private. Apple devices are. Linux devices are also.
      If you are a new user to Apple or Linux, there is a big learning curve to use them.
      If you are only doing writing and printing, those problems are greatly minimized.

      Linux comes with Libre Office. You can try it for free on your present computer and see if you
      like it first. If you are presently using MS Office, you can get a version for Apple computers.

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