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      Komando Community

      Want a free Komando Community membership? We are looking for people to help us keep the Komando Community a family friendly and safe place for everyone.

      Here is what we are looking for you to do as a Moderator:
      -Review comments on blogs, forum responses and general communications to make sure they are within our community guidelines.
      -If a comment, response or general communication is in violation of our guidelines you are responsible for “hiding” it.
      -Respond to forum questions to the best of your ability, a minimum of answering 3 per week.
      -If you don’t know the answer, don’t make it up. Let one of the Komando team know so we can handle on our end.

      The benefits a Moderator receives:
      -A personal thank you note from me!
      -A free all-access level membership to the Komando Community while you are actively moderating.
      -Your own private group to discuss activity with other moderators that can only be seen by other Moderators.
      -A direct contact to a Komando team member should you have any questions or concerns about a member.

      Who we are looking for:
      -People who are more tech savvy than the average bear, we don’t need you to be an expert (that’s my job) but we would like you to answer basic tech related questions in the forums.
      -People who can remain neutral on the topics of religion, race, ethnicity, politics, gender. Other members may be posting about views that are different than yours, as long as it’s within our community guidelines we want everyone to express their views freely if they chose to do so.

      Apply here:

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