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      Paul from Rumford, Maine is a part-time musician who has amassed an enormous songbook over time. He wants to digitize his song collection. He asked me for recommendations on devices, apps and programs.

      First, I told him to buy the biggest iPad he can afford. For example, this bad boy comes with 512 GB of space. These devices are easy to carry around and come with a formidable storage size that can meet the needs of his enormous musical library. Here are some other iPads he can check out.

      There’s also an app called forScore, which lets you organize music, download PDFs and import songs. Thanks to its remote control features, it’s super easy to share music. There’s a free version and a paid version, which is only $10.

      Normally, I like to recommend multiple apps, but this is the best one you can find, so I’m sticking with the gold standard.

      Lastly, Paul asked for an easy way he can transfer his song lyrics from paper to the app. I recommend importing his papers as PDFs. It’s a great way to save time!

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      Susanna B
      @Susanna B

      ForScore is great! As an Organ Major, I use it every week and even use it to play for funerals off my iPad.

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      Wally Otting

      I have been using Musescare for my own compositions as well others. It works with a computer as well as a smartphone.

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