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      I have a question I wanted to post to the group for seniors within the Komando community.

      I am posting here because I could not find a selection of where to post to fill my needs.

      Please, webmaster, post this to the appropriate place and let me know where it is

      My question. I have a lady I care for with memory loss. Her use of her I pad is limited. I would like to figure out how to disable the ads on you tube because she invariably presses on the ad or the ‘like button’ when an ad comes up. If I leave the room, and return, I see her looking confused as someone is speaking about taxes or something about which she has no knowledge or desire.

      Can someone please help me disable ads on you tube?

      Second to that, does anyone in the seniors line know of any wholesome sites where I can direct my friend,

      Perhaps I can start a little sub group on Komando.com where we seniors can share interesting, simple, inspiring material on the internet. Thank you.

      Once again, webmaster, please direct this as to where is should go and tell me how to proceed to start a sub group, or something.

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      Hello alimagoo,

      First off posting here is the best place to post questions such as the one you asked.

      Your best bet regarding the ads on youtube is to purchase YouTube Premium, this will effectively disable ads and will require no upkeep or maintaining a 3rd party app to block said ads.

      We do have a Computing for older adults group here on the community, please feel free to engage here.

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