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      dawn schulz

      Hi, so the electric went out and so did the computer. When i turn it on, it says ‘checking media pressence’…then it goes to a page with a qr code and info to call dell for help stating the issue is:
      Hard Drive: no NVMe drive detected on PCI tag 00b8, namespace id 09’. hen you press Continue button it shuts computer off.
      It was taking me to the slowmode? bios page until i inserted the recovery stick …so now pressing continue shuts the computer off.
      I tried the recovery stick, but it just takes me to its own dashboard…i don’t know what to do with that.
      I took the computer to Office Depot, but the tech guy says he cannot fix but the problem is: the optane memory is not detectable.”

      Any ideas?

      Windows 11 Dell desktop computer
      It was windows 10 when i bought this in 2019,and it auto updated to win 11 on me awhile ago.

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      Hello Dawn,

      If you could tell me the model number for the PC and let me know where you bought it, with that info I can better assist.

      Optane memory is finicky, and it sounds like your bios setting were lost, maybe the Optane SSD died,

      We need to determine if you have a spinning disk or another NVME SSD, you may only need to disable Optane memory or NVME in the computer BIOS to get you up and running again.

      Optane memory is basically a fast cache disk, this was before NVME SSDs were big, so your data might still be safe.

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