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    Lee Ann Hamerski

    I watched the video on police scanner apps from Show Pics last week 6-8-19

    All 3 that were reviewed look interesting. I don’t have a whole lot of time to try them all out.

    Does anyone know which one is best to see/use while using Google Maps or even within Google Maps?

    I drive Las Vegas area and California from San Diego up through LA and unless I have someone with me to look things up while I’m driving it wouldn’t be safe (unless I am sitting in stopped traffic) to switch apps or look things up on my iphone.

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    Komando Community

    Hi Lee Ann!

    One of the apps mentioned in the video tip is the 5-0 Police Scanner. The iPhone version shows it has a built-in map:

    Keep in mind it just shows the location of the feed itself, not the event. We are not aware of any scanner apps that map incidents as they are happening and mentioned on the scanner.

    This particular app also lets you listen to feeds in the background, so if you just want to keep using Google Maps for navigation you can do so while still listening to the scanner.

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