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      Following the most recent Windows 10 updates, my Dell desktop started locking up after sitting idle for 30 – 45 minutes. The displays froze, the USB mouse froze, the Bluetooth keyboard froze. The only way to regain control was to do a power cycle reboot.

      I search the MS support website and found no recent postings related to this issue. A broader search discovered users with similar problems in earlier Windows versions. The resolutions suggested were to disable the power saving options that turned off various parts of the system, specifically the hard disk.

      Normally this PC runs with all power saving options disabled, but I discovered the update apparently re-enabled the disk power saving option. I again disabled the option, and rebooted. Now two weeks after that change the PC has experienced no further lockups after hours of idle time.

      While I can’t claim a cause and effect resolution to my previous problem, the change seems to have worked. If you have a similar problem, you might consider disabling power saving options as a possible solution.

      As always, your mileage may vary.


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