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      Just deleted a couple e mails I would rather keep. Is there any conceivable way to retrieve them on my I pad or computer? Prolly not. Just checking.
      On computer isn’t there a spot something like home/ library/ mail or some such place which may have e mails sent from ‘home’ apple e mail account in a folder somewhere?
      Just wondering

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      Hello alimagoo,

      Who is the mail host? And most Mac computers will run time machine backups using the free space on your disk drive. I would disable Wi-Fi and ensure the computer can not get online before performing a time machine snapshot restore. This will only work if you using Apple mail or a similar mail client to check your mail.

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      Many thanks, John.
      I disabled time machine as I did not have that much free space on my computer. I used to have I drive( got it through Kim’s recommendation) but stopped that as I really have not that much information, photos, files, etc. certainly not loads and loads of data, photos, videos. Very very little comparatively speaking.

      maybe I should set up time machine again.

      Thank you anyway for your help

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