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      Trying to backup my Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone using Galaxy Smart Switch it stops with the following error message: Smart Switch PC has stopped working. A problem will caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
      The program works doing a restore – no problem.
      I talked to Samsung support and the verified that I have the latest updates both on PC and smartphone. After that they were of no help. The support person hung with me with no comment.
      Final note:
      I have an older Samsung S5 phone and it works with no problems.
      I have searched the internet with no solution.
      Please HELP.

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      Hello Cowboy,

      By any chance have you tried doing the same process with another workstation.

      Tap or click here to see what Samsung recommends doing.

      Taking the following step will assist in troubleshooting the issue.

      Try another computer.
      If Smart Switch is still not working, trying connecting your phone to another computer. If Smart Switch works on a different computer, please contact the computer manufacturer for further troubleshooting. There may be a hardware or software issue with the original computer.

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      Smart Switch to PC Backup
      Unable to backup smart phone Galaxy S21 Ultra to a pc running Windows 10 pro. However I can do a restore to the same smartphone using Dell PC.
      I am able to do a backup and restore from smart phone Galaxy S5 with no problem using same Dell PC.
      Attempted the same process with a laptop and get the same results as stated above.
      I worked with Samsung Care which is Samsung’s support team. They did remote into my pc and tried several things to no avail. Needless to say they were stumped and had no solution.
      Note: I was able to do backup and restore from my Galaxy S21 Ultra with no problem and this week it stopped working. I tried to going back to an older version of smart switch and still no good. I also did a system restore and still no good. I also disabled my Norton 360 and still no good. I have searched the internet and found no help. Also went to Dell support with no help.
      Needless to say I am out of ideas at this point.

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      Good News…..
      I have a fix for my problem, thanks so Samsung.
      It took a little digging but I am able to backup, restore and I went the distance by doing a factory reset and restore to success. The only issue was after the restore I had to manually reset my ringtones for contacts. Which if that’s the worst, then I am satisfied.

      So this post can be closed and I thank you for your help.

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