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      I am having issues with my old sbcglobal email, I remember getting a message about changes they were making but did not follow up with it. Hate to lose it because I have had it like 25 years and now it says the password is not good but you cannot reset anywhere. A while back they dropped the SBC sites and merged everyone in to Yahho about the time ATT did the same. Now it seems Yahoo is dumping it somewhere. If you try to log in at Yahoo it sends you to some strange att site then it sends you in a loop trying to reset password but never works… now it is showing a error Care Code: 201 [LU100]?

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      Hi there,

      Bummer. This is going to take some time I fear. But I am really glad you included the error code you are getting.

      From what I know from helping someone with this issue before is that the LU100 error message means that you are trying to use a wrong User ID. Try using any IDs you may have used before. I know, it’s hard to remember these crazy things.

      If you cannot remember your User ID, here is a link to try to recover it.



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