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      I don’t want Netflix. Is there any other reasons to connect my new smart TV to Internet? What about hacking risks?

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      Ol Gramps

      This stretches just past my knowledge but I think that the hack would be to your router. I think some Smart TVs may have had weaknesses in login with leaks but I don’t think that would keep you from connecting with your WiFi or with an Ethernet cable.
      You can always use the Smart TVs for lots of free sites like YouTube. But if you don’t ever want to use the internet on it, don’t bother.

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      Like your phone and tablet, smart TVs let you add apps that give you access to video streaming services such as Netflix. You can also use your smart TV to get regular weather reports, stream live shows like mine, and even browse the web.

      That said, smart TVs are vulnerable to hacking, identity theft, and the selling of your data to Big Tech. If you are going to connect your TV to the internet, make sure your router is up to date, password-protected, and you run regular scans for malware and viruses. If you want to know more about your TV spying on you, we wrote an article about it. Read it here on Komando.com: https://www.komando.com/downloads/436089/is-your-smart-tv-spying-on-you

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      Jake Russo

      Maybe would want to consider a streaming TV box (like Roku) if you’re concerned about security and still want some streaming apps. They’d be better with security since they’re in the business of software development, and generally, TV companies are mostly focused on their hardware. There have also been reports of TVs scanning and identifying content being watched and selling it to advertisers, so that may be another good reason not to connect the actual TV to the internet.

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