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      Alan from Oklahoma City has a boss who loves Bluetooth. Although his boss spends a lot of time on his phone, he doesn’t make it easy for other people to know when he’s busy. In fact, Alan sometimes walks over and accidentally interrupts him during conversations.

      Wanting to put an end to the awkwardness, Alan is now looking for a device that will make it clear his boss is busy. More specifically, he wants a gadget that will connect to his supervisor’s Bluetooth. He wants something that will shine a light that sends a clear, nonverbal message: “I’m busy, so please don’t talk to me.”

      I pointed him towards two resources. One is a tip on my blog about stopping work-from-home interruptions. It’s a DIY project that involves Alexa, a light bulb and a smart plug. Click here to turn your home office into a radio station, complete with red lights that let people know when you don’t have time to chat.

      I also told him about the Blynclight Plus, a USB busy light for the office. It displays different light colors so colleagues can know when to step in and when to step away.

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