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      Terry Bonnett

      Hi All, I am finaly setting up a rig to do some crypto transaction processing and be paid for it. I got my hands on a NVIDIA graphics card with enough power to do this. My question is, what other components are best? I don’t need much of a CPU as the GPU does all the work so any recs on a low priced option that will work?

      I hope to eventually add a few more GPUs to the system so where do I get one of those cases that can hold multiple cards and what are they called?

      I have a 850 watt power supply so am good there.

      Any recommendations on a motherboard for this project?

      Thank you very much for your input,


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      Hello Terry,

      If you are mining only with graphics cards then a top-of-the-line CPU is not really necessary, you will however want a Motherboard that can house multiple graphics cards or one that has many PCI-E 1x ports so you can use adapters such as these for connecting your Graphics cards to the PC for mining purposes.

      Regarding your power supply, it’s really up to how many graphics cards the Power supply and support, if you want to run 4 x cards make sure the Power supply has support for 4 x Graphics cards.

      Recommended Mining case / frame – Click here to see on Amazon

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

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