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      Susan from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania had a few photo questions for me:

      1. What’s the best way to share iPhone photos with friends who have Android phones?
      2. What’s the best way to share photos from a Windows computer?

      I had two answers for her. Firstly, I told her to use OCR, which is a feature her Epson scanner has. This will convert the names on the back of her photos to text. Go to page 54 in this Epson manual to learn how to save the names in a file.

      Here’s step two. Once the pictures are imported into Apple Photos or Google Photos, you can tag the people in the photos and the software will do its best to match the name with the rest of the photos in your collection. When you share the photos from your shared album, the other users will see the tags.

      There’s also a new feature on iPhone iOS 16 to check out. You can copy text from photos, which can then be used to tag people in those pictures. Follow these steps:

      1. Open the Photos app and select a photo or select an image online.
      2. Touch and hold a word and move the grab points to adjust the selection.
      3. Tap Copy. To select all of the text in the photo, tap Select All.
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