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      Joe from Johnston, Iowa works with many dog rescues across the U.S. He wants an app all of his drivers can download so they can track dogs as they’re being transported. Basically, he wants something like Instacart or Door Dash, which lets you track your delivery worker en route.

      Firstly, I recommend asking someone who does similar work and seeing what they use. For example, an animal care coalition like the PACC911 here in Arizona might offer some insight. Joe could call or send an email asking for advice.

      There are a few other resources he can check out, though. Track-POD is an all-in-one app for real-time driver performance monitoring. He can get instant notifications and electronic proof of delivery.

      He can also use Onnaway, which he can try for free. It helps users track drivers and orders. You can also send messages to drivers while they’re out and about.

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