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      Steven from Atlanta, Georgia is an IT professional. He wants a hands-free live streaming pair of glasses he can use to view his customers’ screens on his desktop or laptop. I told him to check out Google Glass, which lets you connect with people even if you’re far away. Someone wearing the Glass device can invite others to see what they see through a live video stream. It helps you collaborate and troubleshoot in real time.

      He can also check out the Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses, which help workers run remote help desks and other aspects of their businesses.

      Lastly, I suggested he check out the Microsoft Hololens, which streams in 1080p quality.

      As an alternative option, Steven can also just use a tiny USB webcam mounted on a pair of glasses. Plug the webcam into a cell phone or tablet and he can jump into any conferencing or video call app. Here’s a device specifically designed for that.

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