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      David from St. Petersburg, Florida lives with his 87-year-old mother. He’s not always around, though, which is why he wants to make a plan for emergencies. He wants a voice-activated device that his mom can use to call for help if she ever falls down and needs assistance.

      One great way you can take care of aging parents is by signing up for SimpliSafe. It lets you keep an eye on your home when you’re away. You can get some much-needed peace of mind in case you’re worried about older relatives, children or even pets.

      David has SimpliSafe monitoring his house, including a panic button. His mom won’t use it, though, since the last time she tried, the police showed up at their door. That’s why David is looking for a new gadget to help his mom. I pointed him towards the Amazon Echo Show.

      With the Echo Show, his mom can call for help, reach out to family members or even chat through it like a walkie-talkie if David’s in the other room. Tap or click here to set up Drop In for Amazon Echo.

      David was concerned about devices listening in on him, but I have good news. Here’s how you can turn off an Echo’s mic so it stops monitoring your conversations. Of course, you’ll have to turn it on again for it to pick up commands. But it’s good to know you have the option to turn it off when you want to!

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