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      Mike from DeMoine, Iowa is new to online trading. He asked for some basic security tips so he can start off on the right foot.

      First off, I recommend always updating your system.
      Hackers are constantly analyzing older operating systems for bugs and backdoor openings. Luckily, cybersecurity experts work hard to create new defenses. So update your system when a newer OS comes out. You’re protecting your computer with the latest and greatest security measures.

      Second, use a password that’s at least 15 characters.
      Mix it up. Speaking of which, here are five rules to follow when you’re creating passwords.

      Next up, use Google Authenticator.
      This smartphone app creates one-time passcodes of six to eight digits. These codes expire every 30 seconds, so even if a hacker manages to snatch one up, they have an extremely short window of opportunity. Tap or click here to find out how else this protects your digital life.

      Lastly, invest in a solid VPN.
      A virtual private network helps obscure your internet traffic so creepy third parties aren’t eyeing your every move. When you’re trading online, a VPN stops hackers from stepping in and stealing your account information. It’s something you need on your computer, laptop, tablet and phone.

      I recommend my sponsor, ExpressVPN. It’s so easy to use; just press a button and now anyone from the outside looking in thinks you’re somewhere else. Sign up now to protect your privacy for a year and you’ll get three months for free.

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