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      Sherryl from Knoxville, Tennessee does simple bookkeeping for a small lawn service. This involves keeping up with weekly mowing, seeding, weed treatment and more. The owner wants her to create invoices once a month and keep up with the customer’s charges.

      She asked me which bookkeeping programs she should use. I had three recommendations:

      1. GnuCash: This financial accounting software is easy to use yet powerful and flexible. You can track bank accounts, income, expenses and more.
      2. WorkWave’s Lawn Care Software: This helps you manage moving parts, like unpredictable weather, moving crews, new jobs coming in and more. It’s simple yet comprehensive.
      3. Jobber: Keep your business organized with this nifty, all-in-one resource. You can make estimates, schedules, invoices and more. You don’t need any software experience, either.

      I like these three options because they aren’t complicated. They keep things simple, which is ideal when you’re working for a small business. Most of us have bigger fish to fry than fighting with our accounting software.

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