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      Neil from Tampa, Florida has a five-year-old ASUS Laptop. Oddly enough, his battery claims to have 0% power — even when it’s plugged in. There are a few other issues, too. The laptop hibernates, then automatically logs off after a few minutes.

      I told him to replace the battery or run a command that gives him the “Do nothing” option so the computer doesn’t hibernate even when it thinks it’s at 0%.

      Since Neil only has a few minutes at a time to do anything, typing the command will be very hard. Here’s a tutorial on running the command.

      Lastly, I asked Neil for the make and model of his laptop so I could make a battery recommendation. After getting that information, I told him to check out this replacement battery.

      Of course, it can be difficult to do this on your own — especially if you aren’t a tech expert. Luckily, YouTube is full of free tech tips. Neil should use this YouTube tutorial as a guideline.

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