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      Kenny Winters
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      Hello everyone, this is my first time in this forum so be easy on me please:
      I own a Nordictrack 11i treadmill and want to hack it so that I can add on another Monitor/Smart TV in addition to the 10″ tablet that is part of the machine. My challenge is there is only one mini-HDMI cable going into the tablet and no out ports visible on the tablet so I was thinking to somehow split the mini-HDMI cable that currently runs into the 10″ tablet inside the treadmill. Thus running one of the HDMI leads into the tablet and the other HDMI lead into a 36″ smart TV. Is this possible to do without messing up my Nordictrack 11i treadmill?

      FYI: I was on the show on December 3rd with Kim with this question. Had a great time but sadly Kim’s reply to this was that she would send me a few links to help me with solving this challenge. Haven’t yet received anything so, that’s why I’m here gang. Anyone have any experience at hacking into a Nordictrack 11i treadmill? I already know about using my android phone to cast the iFit program to a smart TV but that will only end up not being in-sync with the treadmills iFit program on both the tablet and the added Monitor/smart TV because I’ll need to manually start each feed. There has to be an easy way to do this. I’m not afraid to do the work, just don’t want to possibly destroy my NordicTrack 11i in the process. Any suggestions? This has been bugging me now for almost two years. I know anything is possible so come on and help me get this puzzle solved folks!
      Kenny W
      PS: Happy Holidays Everyone!

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      Hello Kenny Winters,

      Sorry, you did not receive that information.

      If that model does in fact have an HDMI port, you can use a splitter, you will need 2 x of the Mini HDMI to Standard cables and then an HDMI splitter.

      Micro to Standard HDMI – https://amzn.to/3H0c2pd
      HDMI Splitter – https://amzn.to/3ONPbir

      However, there are a few variations of that NordicTrack.

      Alternatively, some people are just configuring Casting to the second screen, if it is an older TV you may need to add a Chromecast device to it.

      Different model but the casting should be the same – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWUUUlRmAU8

      I hope this helps!

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      Kenny Winters
      @Kenny W

      I’m still working on getting this to work. So far, no luck. Waiting on another type of connector then I’ll post an update. I can see that there is only actually one connector for the tablet to carry the video so that is the connector I’m waiting on. In the mean while…..Does anyone know how to (step by step), run a video signal from the Nordictrack 11i treadmill tablet directly to a smart TV not using wifi or bluetooth? I know SOMEONE knows…..HELP!

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      Kenny Winters
      @Kenny W

      After tearing down the treadmill, Realized that this isn’t possible due to the priority of the onboard circuit-board.
      So, I took your suggestion and just casted it to my wall mounted TV.

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