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      Dan from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania wants to upgrade the way he balances his accounts. Right now, he uses paper and pen, but it’s just not up to speed so he’s looking for digital alternatives. He doesn’t need anything complex; he just wants useful software for banking and check writing since he’s helping his parents with their accounts.

      I told him to set up electronic payments so he doesn’t have to write any checks. I also said two sites he should check out are AceMoney and GnuCash.

      AceMoney works for Mac OS X and Windows. It offers multiple account management, automatic update of balances, investment performance tracking, income and expense categorization and more. All in all, it’s a quick and easy resource for organizing your affairs.

      GnuCash is available for Windows, Mac OS C, Solaris, BSD and Linux. It’s easy to use yet powerful. It’s an intuitive program you can use as a checkbook register.

      Need more help managing your money? Simplify your life with one financial tool that does it all.

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