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      Dear Kim
      In MArch 2020,I thought i need more streaming data for my new smart tv.
      after a root canal i visited Verizon to inquire about more data.
      A employee said i needed to buy 3 additional jetpack hotspots to achieve more data,
      that what my 1 jetpack was giving
      The employee said just pay the tax and your are all set.
      IM at home and think i was taken,
      i call Sprint,they off 100 mb for 60$ amonth
      Thats what i wanted.
      so i call Verizon,get the employee that sold me the 3 jetpacks.
      They say,too bad,restocking fee is $600
      So i call the verizon advocate,they dont even answer the phone
      I NOW,write a YELP review, Verizon had it removed.
      NOW,verizon calls,says return the product and we will cancel everything
      I return everything
      but the bill is still over 300$ a month
      I have no product
      yet i have 3, 2 year contracts that im paying for
      with no product.
      Verizon wont let me out of the deal
      I spoke to a employee on the side,
      and they said even Verizon wont let them out of a contract, infact
      the employee was reported to the credit union for a bad contract,they couldnt/wouldnt resolve.
      SO here im am, a 20 year customer of V,and I want out!
      When you have time,please give me any advice or direction you can.
      Im 65,disabled,and have a small SSI coming in
      Thank you
      Stay Safe
      Mark Dewey

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