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      Shelley Sanford

      October 2020 to today April 5, all of my virtual presence has been stolen, changed and blocked.
      I stay at hotels to hide when i need to communicate. A professional cyber criminal disguised himself as a network repair person. The hacks got worse so i confronted him in person and he threatened to have me ‘taken out by his guys.
      There are NO OTHER ways for me to communicate at all.
      Hacked or deleted Bank, phone, all gmails, tv/isp, 2 desktops wiped to mother board, 4 iphones followed, mirrored and or disabled. Filed: Local police report, state report, fbi, ftc. Only the state replied that they dont handle this type of case. I am now meeting with my congressman to attempt to build a case to reach the right people,
      Has anyone used a

      “Honey Pot”

      to catch the hacker/stalker?
      Iphone events: speaker turns on and off when i am on the phone with certain parties i.e. banks,
      text messsages are deleted, Calls are blocked, voicemails are choppy, iphone map location placed, apps are added, various settings are changed, esp siri.
      I would love to contribute to any building evidence of these hackers.

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