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      Steve from Houston, Texas has a question we’ve all wondered at some point: “Aside from volume control, what determines the volume of a digital song?” While listening to songs on iTunes, YouTube and other apps, he noticed that he gets a wide variety of sound volumes from these different sources. One video may be quiet while another is loud. He asked me why the volume levels are drastically different across these platforms.

      I hold him it’s because vendors choose what volume they want. It’s similar to TV programming. When you’re watching a show, its volume will be different than the ads you watch during the break.

      If you’re in Steve’s position, I have a tip for you. If you’re using Windows, you might want to check the volume mixer. This can be used to change volume settings for specific apps like media players, web browsers and games. Follow these steps to turn it on:

      1. First, navigate to Settings.
      2. Then, head to System.
      3. Select Sound.
      4. Hit Advanced Sound Options.
      5. Select App volume and device preferences.

      Of course, you may not want to repeat these steps every time. If you want to save yourself time in the future, GeeksforGeeks has you covered. Here’s their guide to using the old legacy volume mixer.

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