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      Nancy Wilson

      Hello Y’all!

      I am here for another month and still trying to find a way to connect my printer using the hotel’s wifi. I am not current on my Tech geek topics. So, how can I connect wirelessly to my printer with my laptop while on the hotel’s wifi? And, can I connect my Google Hub Max too? Can the Google router be used to connect my HP Envy printer to my laptop? I have all these gadgets I was comfortable with at home, but don’t have a clue how to get them to work again in a hotel????

      My house is being repaired after a terrible failure by GE delivery crew to connect my icemaker properly. So, they ruined my kitchen floors and walls. I am living in a hotel while contractors wait on supplies to arrive at Lowe’s in the next month or two. I NEED my electronics to help me keep up with the construction, insurance forms, and tons of other paperwork. HELP!!!

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      Nancy thanks for the questions. The setup of hotel Wi-Fi varies greatly by each chain/location, but in general they isolate devices on Wi-Fi so connecting your printer wirelessly to you computer would take some configuration by the hotel IT. It would be simpler to use a usb cable for when you need to print. The google hub max should be able to be connected and work. Let us know if we can help in any other way.

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