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      If you’re a victim of identity theft, you might have an incredibly tough time getting your accounts back. That’s true for Katy from Atlanta, Georgia, who says a hacker broke into an email she’s had for over a decade. The criminal changed her phone number for two-factor authentication, and when she reaches out to Google for help, all she hears are crickets.

      If you’re ever in Katy’s situation, your first stop is Google’s account recovery page. Here are a few strategies for getting your account back.

      Unfortunately, Google account recovery is difficult when the culprit changed the 2FA. At the same time, this may mean their phone was or is compromised. There’s still hope. I told Katy to partner with GetHuman.com, a firm that helps people recover their lost email accounts.

      Luckily, GetHuman has a resource specifically for people in Katy’s situation. Here’s how you can report and recover a hacked Gmail account.

      Oh, and when Google refuses to answer you, head to JustAnswer.com. You can chat with a Gmail technician at any time of the day. It’s a pretty helpful resource, so bookmark it for a rainy day!

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