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      Frank Karkota

      I need to know how and where I can post a document on the internet for maximum exposure. My company, that made equipment for blind people, was the victim of an IRS scam and was destroyed, followed by my career. Because of government corruption, the perpetrators were never prosecuted. I want to tell my story!

      For most people, corruption is remote, like a politician who steals money, but it affects everyday people. My employees lost their jobs which they had had for some thirteen years. The blind people whom I helped lost a supplier of good equipment. And some companies with which I did business had to close. None of these people realized that it was because of corruption. My essay shows how average people are affected and how our system has been perverted to protect the elites. My essay is long, about 10 pages.

      I’d especially like to reach lawmakers, investigate reporters who are not afraid to expose corruption, and businessmen.

      I have twitter, facebook, linkin and alignable accounts, but I do not know how to use them most effectively. Can you direct me to help?

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