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      Brennen Kinch

      Hi everyone since I’m still new to the forum I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this so excuse me if it isn’t
      But in my last question to the forum about the Internet I forgot to ask some thing that I probably should’ve asked before in that question now I’m pretty tech savvy but when it comes to things with the Internet and how to set it up properly I’m very clueless so with that being said my question is if I get rid of my router which I think I’m going to do and buy my own because it’ll save me five bucks which would be better the euro home Wi-Fi system or just buying a regular router
      Now my place is only about 1190 ft.² I think and I know that euro system covers 1500 so I may have to small of a space for it but that’s what I’m not sure about and that’s why I’m asking here also I’m not to text savvy like I said when it comes to the Internet everything else I am but when it comes to the Internet I just don’t understand all the terminology of what certain things mean and all of that
      So is that being said I’m asking all of you guys what you guys think would be the best also if you guys think the euro system is the best given the things you know about my situation do you know if it will go on sale for a prime deal and if there’s a way to do you know if there’s a way that I could set up to be alerted if that does go on sale thank you everyone so much for your help in guidance on this

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      I believe the spelling is eero, and the eero appears to have a good reputation. I believe Kim currently recommends it. When I replace my existing router, the eero will be on my list of manufacturers to compare.

      You will not be over-selecting by picking a 1500 sq ft WiFi router to cover 1200 sq ft. The sizes are plenty close. From what I’ve read, eero does mesh technology which is the latest WiFi whizz-bang. If you move to a bigger place and need to cover a larger WiFi footprint, adding another eero or two will allow you to easily cover the additional square footage.

      I have previously owned Linksys and currently own an Asus router, and like both brands. In my opinion, Linksys transceivers tend to be susceptible to nearby lightning strikes. I’ve had two or three start to malfunction shortly after a healthy thunderstorm passed over. The Asus is better and offers more bells and whistles than the Linksys. The Asus is a bit more complex to configure.

      Whatever you do, when you install your new WiFi router, change its SSID and password from the factory defaults. Kim may have some other configuration recommendations on her website. Finally, set a monthly reminder to check for new router firmware, and install the update.

      Good luck and enjoy your new router.

      Take care, stay well,

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      Hi Brennan,

      Don is spot on with his advice including the Linksys router and storms. I thought that only happened to me!

      You can learn more and get free overnight shipping at:

      http://www.eero.com/kim (Use promo code Kim to get the free shipping!)

      Let us know if you need any more help!
      Kim 🙂

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      Brennen Kinch

      So actually I was thinking about purchasing it from the Amazon website but looking at this link that you gave me Kim it actually looks like it would be cheaper here so when I’m ready to purchase it I will purchase it here probably but I seen it was also available on the Amazon website as well so that’s why I was looking at that one but like I said this one looks cheaper and I’d rather pay less money and not more if I can LOL

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      Brennen Kinch

      Hi everyone I’m putting this here because I don’t want to spam the community by making a new thread but I just wanted to announce to everyone that I did decide to go with the euro home Wi-Fi system I took the little quiz thing on their website and it recommended the one pack which hopefully that has everything I need in it directed me to Amazon and when I went there it was $99 but because of prime I save 30 bucks so I only paid 73 something for it which was a lot less than whatever I was looking at LOL
      No my next question that I’m hoping somebody will look at this an answer for me is does anybody have any stuff that I should do when setting it up like I’ve said in previous posts I’m very techy but when it comes to the Internet stuff I don’t understand all of the lingo and stuff that I should set up to make my network work as best as possible again thank you for all the help

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