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      It is driving me crazy and would like to know how to fix the problem. I have the free vcl program installed which seems to be most everyone’s choice. I have a dvd that won’t play. my other regular dvd movies play. I put the disk in and the vcl program pops up on the screen quick; Like snaps up and shows the beginning of the dvd playing. But the ONE dvd that doesn’t or won’t play is independently produced. A documentary type. I even went so far as to buy an external hard drive for that purpose that people use on lap tops that don’t have a dvd drive installed on the computer. Nothing. I don’t know how to figure it out!!! I wish I knew of a service being available by way of email. I could make screen shots so the tech person that offers the help can actually see all the steps I’m doing “almost” like being on site. I sure would really appreciate the help. I consider help as a learning process so I can add the problem to a list of things I know how to do. Thank you Thank you.

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      Hello Jean,

      I have some troubleshooting steps for you, first can you try to put the DVD into a set top box DVD / Blue Ray player or even a Xbox or Playstation if you have one in the house?

      Inspect the reflective surface of the Disc in question, any scratches or blemishes? If so I have in the past made a damaged disk readable by polishing the relective surface with tooth paste, click or tap here for more info on that.

      If the Disc is then made readable you will need to make a good copy of the Disc using software such as this.

      Was this a store bought DVD or something made for you by someone else? You may very well want to try another media player such as Windows Media Player.

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