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      Henry Tabb

      I live in Lexington, KY. About a year ago I went totally cord free. I got a 5G modem from my wireless provider, one of the big ones, about 10 months ago. I connected the modem to my wish touter and got decent speeds (100 Mb)throughout the house and 500 Mb on my iPhone if I used only the 5G signal and not my WiFi. Since then TWICE in incidents several months apart I have lost the signal from my local tower and had no internet (which meant no YouTube TV service) and no phone (home number from Ooma, 2 wireless numbers from my provider). Thus, no way to call 911 except from a neighbor. I had to drive 2 miles away and park in an area next to a different tower to call in my problem. I am now VERY strongly considering going back to cable or fiber for internet only. I figure if the tower goes down I can use WiFi calling, if my cable goes down I can connect the TV or computers via my 5G iPhone.I’m feeling really stupid for having depended on one company for all communications needs and been screwed twice my my decision.

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