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      J.C. Hall

      My email address that is used with Radio Streaming accounts such as Rush 24/7, Kim, Dr. Laura, Coast to Coast, i-Heart Radio, and Spotify has been getting hit with spam emails mainly from “Informing News” and “Funny Editor” as well as blank ones with random numbers in the subject line. No Phishing emails as of yet.

      The email address is clean as far as known data breaches, so I’m thinking it was sold. Luckily they are all from the same group of domains which I blocked.
      Anyone else getting these recently?

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      Hello J.C. Hall,

      Weird, what you can do in the future if you are using a Gmail account is to put additional info on your email address when you sign up to determine who sold your info. For example email123@gmail.com can be used with additional info for instance email123+cnn.com@gmail.com or email123+komando@gmail.com.

      I hope this helps.

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