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      David Hill

      I purchased an Epson ET-4750 on Black Friday 2019, mostly on Kim’s recommendation.
      The print quality and speed have been very good including photos on photo paper, and the scanning feature works well over WiFi.
      It has been very reliable until I replaced its T04D1 Maintenance Box.
      I could not find a genuine Epson part, but the online advice said an after market part would be ok.
      I only refill it with genuine Epson ink (which is inexpensive).
      Now I have to repeatedly clean all of the print heads every few pages.
      I emailed Epson and their recommendations (RTFM) were all things I have previously tried. All of the print heads fail together.
      I have tried the Googled online recommended “ink/head purge pages” to no avail.
      I have found T04D100 Maintenance Boxes on the Epson site and I ordered one a few days ago.
      I have also seen a YouTube video using some type of running a print head cleaning solution through the heads to remove air bubbles. Is that legit? Where might I buy this cleaning fluid kit?
      I have successfully disassembled & reassembled printers in the past.
      Would it be useful to clear all printer settings and start configuration over?
      Is there something I have overlooked?
      David in Laurel, MD

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      Hello David,

      Have you run the power cleaning mode and waited the recommended 12 hours?

      If that does not work, then take a look a this YouTube video showing you how to use a printhead cleaning solution kit to clean your printer head. Please watch the video multiple times before attempting.

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        David Hill

        Dear John,
        I purchased the cleaning kit, more ink and a maintenance box.
        I followed all of the directions.
        The PC and printer firmware are up to date.
        The printer still prints mostly blank pages, except immediately after the light head cleaning routine.
        Is my printer a lost cause?
        I live in Laurel, MD (between Baltimore & Washington, DC).
        Would a printer repair service be worth the expense?

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      David Hill

      Dear John,
      Thank you for the advice and link.
      I ran the power clean process and the 1st item I printed was normal.
      The next print job was almost blank paper.
      All colors fail together.
      I ordered the head cleaning kit.
      If that fails, I will try resetting the printer to its original state and re-configuring it.
      Thanks again.

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      David Hill

      I called a local Epson service center. The tech told me these symptoms indicate a fatal seal failure. He recommend I replace the printer. My ET-4760 had printed approx. 27,000 pages.
      I purchased a used ET-2760 (faxing not needed) for $ 100 on Ebay. It had printed 1100 pages. It has a 1 year warranty. Apparently Epson says the Maintenance box is not replaceable, BUT this is not true. It uses the same maintenance box as the 4760. MB replacement is easy. I hope the ET-2760 will last many years.

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