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      James (jim) Stewart

      Apologies if I’m in wrong ‘department’! Be gentle, I’m a ‘RIOPpl¹’ & sensitive-type guy!!;))

      On my PC, the Microsoft Sign-In does not offer any Help Options if you forget your password: e.g.; ‘hints’, ‘reset’ or ‘enter username or email, to ID’! Grrrr!!;)

      So, changed MS Password in cell but after several hours, apparently pc still hasn’t hasn’t rec’d this update! Not real sure those 2 are still speaking!;)

      Plz reply (not loud!;), or text other possible solutions.

      All The Best & God Bless!!

      ps…is there a faster way, ex. ‘Text’, for trouble shooting?

      psii..give KK a hug – don’t say who, just an ‘old frn’ – love her subtle humor!!;)

      ¹ Retired-Independent²-Old-Person

      ² Former Republican since Graham’s DNCList is useless vs Spammers & McCarthy’s ‘535’ can’t thwart CCP’s TikTok,Temu et als!!
      (Aye! Brandum Fmly may not be our only concern, eh?!)

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