Ol Gramps

Maybe that answer was a little flippant. But I see Facebook as entertainment and consider the source. Other sites are similar.
I really do expect faked videos, photos, and posts that are for aimed to deceive or get laughs or views.
One thing to look for is the original date of the original post. So many people repost stuff way out of date without comment. I know people are quick to jump around and post anything, but it is a pet peeve of mine and I suspect even the missing children and pet posts that are rampant.
It really annoys me to see such dubious posts as Facebook is going to start charging or posting something can keep rights to pictures, etc.
If it is a political post, no doubt the post comes from someone who advocates a position. So maybe it is an exaggeration, a misquote or out of context, or downright false. I just don’t take news from Facebook. And also try to consider the source of all news sites. It seems journalism today comes as advocacy rather than investigation regardless of position. It’s a shame that we don’t have real discussion and debate instead. New ideas and advances come from discourse and consensus. Instead, we have bashing and accusation. 😥😥😥