Komando Community


Some podcast apps allow you to add a feed manually, which is what you need to do for our podcast and any others that require a paid subscription. Castbox allows you to add a feed manually, but you have to enter the username and password as part of the feed URL:

Unfortunately our feed will not work with the username in the URL, but there are other apps that allow you to enter it separately.

If you are on an Apple device, get Overcast. It is free and supports our feed.

If you are on an Android device, there are many options available like Podcast Republic and Podcast Addict.

When setting up any of these apps, find the option to add the feed manually and enter the feed URL below:


You will need to specify the email address associated with your membership and password.

NOTE: Our podcast feed still uses our old system. If you joined after the launch of the new community, or are a prior member having an issue accessing the podcast using that feed, please email support@komando.com and I will send over some credentials that can be used in the meantime.