Breaking this down to essential elements

Software to host on your own cloud server for viewing access and recording – ispyconnect offers a free solution, or a paid subscription and offers a feature known as neighborhood watch software https://www.ispyconnect.com/neighbourhood-watch.aspx that allows people to connect their cameras and give access.  They also have a long list of cameras and settings for setting up the shared cameras.

IP cameras compatible with this software – https://www.ispyconnect.com/sources.aspx In looking at some other battery/solar powered cameras reolink states it is not supported as it can increase power consumption.  It may be best to find the camera with wifi you want and we can power it via another method

Power for those cameras – since it looks like most battery powered ip cams don’t play well with other software, a solar charger/battery is needed. https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Solar-Power-Your-Home-Security-Camera/ provides some basic instructions to build these but the components would be different depending on your camera.

Internet for those cameras – With each homeowner providing Internet, you may still want to use dynamic dns and may have to set some port forwarding to be able to connect to the camera.

Overall it can be done but will take some testing and some work. It might pay off to see what cameras are already in place in the neighborhood and see if you can get access through the Neighborhood watch software, then just adding needed cameras later.

I hope this helps you, if you have any additional questions let us know!