Hello Damian,

Are you doing this for archival purposes or are you wanting to create Audio cd’s that will playback in a CD player?

If you are doing this for archival purposes you should be using a DVD-R and you should not need more than one or two blank discs for archiving your music.

If you are in fact creating Audio CD’s that you can use in the car or a stereo, then it will take time to convert the audio for each CD that will house 12-24 tracks depending on length of the audio tracks.

When burning you will want to use the fastest media that your new DVD/CD burner supports, please take a look at the example below. In the example this CD/DVD Writer is capable of writing CD-R media at a max speed of 24x, you will want to use blank media that is capable of being written to at 24x. Making sure you are using the supported medial will make the writing process faster.

Writing Speed:
DVD + R:Max.8X
DVD +R DL:Max.4X
DVD +RW:Max.8X