Damian Housman

I am using the original CDs, which I bought, so there should be no problem with quality.

I think you are right, I should use the iTunes contents from the previous computer. I decided to delete the songs recorded for the new computer.

Getting anything from the old computer to the new one is not working well. I used a double ended USB cable to connect the two computers, giving me an F drive Easy Suite in both computers. I have tried to send the copy of the iTunes library to the F drive on the old computer, but no matter what I do, there isn’t enough room. I need either half a gig or maybe more, that it says I must reduce.

The only iTunes libraries I see listed are 2018 and before, so maybe I lost it). I haven’t looked at the Windows Media Player instructions, maybe later. To tell you the truth, I never heard of Windows Media Player. Sorry.