Got a bit side tracked with the season but need to get refocused and finish this job. We seem to have people running thru the neighborhood stealing mail from mail boxes and not only the loss of mail but confrontations are escalating. I have bought some good cameras I like a lot like Heimvision line. The technology on the batteries and solar is fantastic. Just the lithium batteries alone will record and give you 2 weeks then report when running low. That coupled with a small solar panel is inexpensive and easy to setup. 3 hours sunshine a day and you have no issues at all. The quality of the cameras is crazy how good that has become. Whether standard width of zone and digital zoom is what you need or PTC with analog and digital is unbelievable at very low cost. So it all boils down to the software again. Space is not the issue these days but a way to connect the camera by ip or mac and then share especially when you use multiple internet feeds throughout the neighborhood.