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Hi Ali!

Amber here with customer service!

In our other communications, you mentioned you have an iPad. Is that what you used for this particular photo, or was it another device?

Unfortunately, it appears the iPad does not support searching with a saved image, but the iPhone does. If you happened to use an iPhone in this case, you could use the steps here:

You want to install the Google App first on the device.

If you did use your iPad, do you have a computer you could transfer the image to? It can be done from a desktop browser as well:

If you are looking to identify the cause of the rash, you might have better luck looking at examples of different types. Here are some resources for you:

Also, do you have access to a telehealth program and app through your insurance? I know mine specifically includes dermatologists. I used this type of service to send a photo of a skin issue and received a response from a dermatologist in minutes! Often telehealth services are provided at no or low cost as part of your plan. Something to look into.