Hello Mark,

Reading here the 3.2 beep code is in stating “The embedded controller has timed out waiting for BIOS to return from memory initialization.”

From here on out I would only troubleshoot with the original single stick of memory.

Possibly dealing with a corrupt BIOS, you could attempt resetting the CMOS, if you click here and go to page 161, SW50 and SW550CMOS printed on the motherboard may help you locate the bios reset jumper or switch (unable to determine) you will hold down this button or move the jumper for 5 seconds while the computer is not connected to anything.

If you are still not getting anywhere you can attempt flashing your bios with a new image, you can click here to see how.

If the machine is within warranty, you could also return the computer to the manufacture for repair or replacement. You could be dealing with a Dead On Arrival issue.