The year was 1997, Grandma gifted the family this Packard Bell multimedia machine. She wanted to make sure we were ready for a digital lifestyle. 🙂

I remember setting up a camcorder to capture the process of re-installing Windows 98 with Best Buy support on the phone! Because you know, I had to break it a few times to figure out how it worked.

Processor – 133MHz Pentium Processor
Memory – 16MB, Upgradeable to 128MB
Hard Drive – 1.2GB
Graphics Chip – S3 64v+, 1MB Video Memory, upgradeable to 2MB
Sound Card – Standard Packard Bell Sound/Modem Card
Optical Drive – 6x NEC CD-ROM Drive
Optical Connection – IDE/Atapi
Floppy Drives – 1x 1.44MB 3.5″ Floppy Drive
Expansion Slots – Unknown
Operating System – Windows 95
Navigator Version – Navigator 3.6

Packard Bell