Robert Schmidt

Hi Nancy: First, I get it now. Thanks for the clarification.

Before I offer any advice; and I will, I need to admit software is my weakness. Great with hardware, and I do think I have a solution. But, I need to give You friendly heads up before giving following advice.

If You have the hacked/infected computer backed up to a reliable source such as an external hard drive or maybe iCloud I think You can reformat the entire hard drive. Before doing so I would strongly encourage You to take the effected computer to either a credible computer store that services the computer as reformatting any hard drive is always the last resort not to mention time consuming and annoying.

Please get a second opinion, but if You do have a recently backup external hard drive to work with reformatting should erase anything the hacker did, and fully restore your computer to what is was before.

Aside from that You need an experienced professional who knows how to go into your computer and reverse the damage hacker did. Sadly, that/this is not something I can help You with.

Sorry to ramble on so much Nancy. And, PLEASE do get 2nd opinion even though I stand by my advice I also realize what a hassle implementing said advice is.