Randall Blanchard

The curious thing, is that when I cranked-up Google’s “Chrome” browser, only THEN, did it ask me to download “Rosetta II”, so that I could run it (not before) — one wishes that “Rosetta II” was include in one of the downloads, of the “Software Update” “System Preferences’ control-pane .

Another thing that I noticed, is that not all of my top-menu-bar items, display, when it gets crowded, on my M1-MacBook-Pro — the “video notch” is making a separator, between program menus, on the left, and SystemUI icons/menus, on the right, with NO WAY, to horizontally-scroll icons .

The Little Snitch connection-monitor, MUST be upgraded to v5.3.4 (at a cost of $25), and TechTool Pro v14.0.2, you MUST disable (there MIGHT not be compatible version, for Monterey, yet) .