At this time we only have the firewall that is built into the software that comes with Xfinity/Comcast routers and the electronic firewall built into the latest macOS. Since my post I have learned I can get a static IP from my ISP for about $12 a month from Comcast. I learned that much from the IT professional who was trying to sell me on his service he also informed me of the need for a VPN license. I have begun looking at hardware-based firewalls and the one you suggest is in the price range of the ones that I have seen. We have one office and up to five people who will be using the VPN when we’re offsite they want to be able to access information from our server. From home in the event of foul weather or after-hours treatment or in my case double-checking that the hardware is running properly. Unless configuring a firewall is a lot more difficult than configuring the router or configuring the VPN is extremely difficult I suspect I can do it myself. Am I thinking too much of myself? I know that Kim’s sponsor “express VPN” does not do site to site VPN. Do you have any suggestions for finding a good vendor