Hello timothy bach,

This one was a head scratcher, the closest solution I found is https://www.email2phone.net/

The only think you might not like is when you reply to these emails using the service, it will record and add the recording as an attachment, not text.

If I come across any other solutions, I will be sure to update them here.

Economical, Easy to Set up and Use
Choose your plan, signup and start using Email2Phone in just a couple of minutes.

Select Only the Emails You Want to Receive
Choose the messages you want to listen to as high-quality voice messages.

Computer Not Required
Using any phone line, you can dial into your Email2Phone account.

Retrieve Emails as Voice Mails
Dial into your Email2Phone account and choose the messages you want to listen.

Works Like Phone Voice Mail
Email2Phone will leave a voice message on the user’s phone voice mail.