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      Dave from Rock Island, Illinois is looking for an all-in-one finger painting touch screen for St. Judes Playhouse. He wants to mount it on a wall so kids with cancer can have fun making their own art.

      First, I suggested TV Liquidator’s Touch Screen Kiosk. These gadgets have built-in PCs. Just pair a screen with any Windows-based painting or drawing app.

      One app he could use is Paint 4 Kids, which kids can use to paint and color on the screen. If Dave only wants to use the screen for the art app, his IT department would have to lock down the operating system.

      I also pointed Dave towards an interactive projector that lets kids play games like Whac-A-Mole on the floor. The Joinbeam Interactive Projector is pretty pricey, but if you have $5,000, it’s a great gift for kids.

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