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      What causes erratic mouse pointer? The mouse blinks, dances around the screen, gets caught up in the upper right-hand corner with a grey circle and won’t move out – among other behaviors. I have HP Pavilion with Windows 10. I have Office and Norton installed but the problem was going on before then. At first I thought it might be batteries in the wireless mouse – I tried two. Then I tried a wired mouse. All had same problem. The erratic behavior would not recognize clicks, could not sign out properly, etc. Had to do ctrl/alt/delete. Only fix was to then shut down and give the mouse a rest. Sometimes it will be ok long enough to get my work done or it will act up at start-up. Checked on line, found articles that it’s a Windows problem that has been going on awhile and won’t be fixed with Windows 11! How can that be? Why has this not been fixed? Haven’t there been complaints?
      Is there an operating system that doesn’t have this problem? Should I switch to a Mac or Chromebook? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      Hi meme,

      This sounds suspicious, especially if it is happening with a second mouse. And since even the click is being affected not just the position of the pointer this rules out any surface issues.

      I recommend performing a windows reset, this will retain your data and apps but it will restore Windows to default settings. This could very well be a hardware issue, overheating comes to mind. If the computer is older then 4 years, it may very well be time to upgrade anyway.

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