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      Jane Stewart

      I was using Facebook in early June. I only occasionally logged in and never posted. Sometimes like, sent an IM to someone, etc. Next day I decided to see if friend responded to IM and my log in said it did not recognize me and I had make a new password. I did. But I also decided to double check my privacy settings. Under log ins it had everything correct up until that day. I only use an IPad, so IOS. When I had to change my password that day it said I was using a MacOS. It had a lot of things after that like gecko, and a bunch of other stuff and at the end it had (cookies a series of numbers and at the end ******). It said I don’t usually log in from that browser was it you? Well no it wasn’t. I immediately logged out. I called Apple who could not help me, recommended I contact fb. Of course no one home haha and none of their pre arranged questions addressed my issue. Next day I logged in again just to see if anything had changed and same thing. I deleted my account. I was getting notices from Amazon I had logged in from MacOS also. Called Apple again who told me she thought it was a phishing scheme. I have not recreated a fb account. Who cares. I never used it. Boy are they scary pinpointing to your exact location. I never knew but do now. Never again. Oh and my friend I had IM’d responded with a who is this? I am assuming he should have know . Anyway, I am really sorry this is so long winded. I really need to know if my IPad is secure or not. Thank you.

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      Hi Jane,

      I’m sorry that you had to go through all that. It most certainly appears that you got hit by something or rather someone.

      To be on the safe side, change all your passwords to your accounts. And it’s probably best if you also go the nuclear route, that is, reset your iPad. Be sure you have a backup.

      You can find the steps how to do this on Apple’s site here:

      Hope this helps you out,

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      Jacki Millet

      My Instagram account has been hacked by a scammer. After following Instagram’s instructions several times I’m still unable to login. I get all the way to the part where Instagram wants me to use a 2 factor Authenticator. But I have to be able to access my account to use the Authenticator. Very frustrating.

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